Christmas is coming..


..and as a little gift to our customers, we will offer a 10% discount on gift vouchers for a full day sitting (To be used after Christmas). Get in touch to take us up on the offer! :)

The talented Petra Kucerova will be joining us for a guest spot from the 5-9th and 12-13th of December. Go check out her facebook for more images, but here's a little taster. She still has available slots, but be quick to avoid disappointment.

A week has gone past since coming back from guesting at Trash Tattoo in Belgium, and Joyce and Melissa were amazing hosts. Thanks so much for my time with you, and I hope to come back soon!





MITS, Guest Spots, and New Crew

We had a dead good time at Manchester International Tattoo Show the last weekend of October. Made some new friends, got to do some very cool tattoos, and even got some new inventory and inks out of it! I also got a Britney Spears tattoo; words I never thought I'd utter. Haha! Go check out Danny Cross' work if you like it! ;)

It's been a busy November so far as well, with lots of nice customers. In a week and a half, I go and see Joyce and her crew at Trash Tattoo in Dendermonde (Belgium) for a guest spot. Very excited for this! :D

Last but not least, Pigments now has two excellent new people working with us.

Rachele is an Italian tattoo artist working mostly in a gritty, dark style. Check out her instagram here for some ideas, or book in for a consultation.

Helios is a Spanish artist who works in various mediums. He is currently apprenticing, and if you want to come in for a chat about potential small (free or very cheap) tattoos, he is looking for clients. :)

 Rachele, Alex, and Helios. Come say hi, we mostly don't bite! 

Rachele, Alex, and Helios. Come say hi, we mostly don't bite! 

Post Tattoo Jam hues..

 A pretty bad pun, admittedly, but I did get some new colours to play with at the convention. Mint and blood red. Beautiful! ;)

Tattoo Jam was excellent from start to finish. Was kept very busy through both Saturday and Sunday, but still had a little time to meet new and old friends, get a few new bits, and of course give the Spektra Edge K (tattoo machine) a proper test run. It's such a beauty.. Handles anything I throw at it without complaining. I'm a little bit in love.. :)

Since moving premises we've seen lots of new customers, which is great news. I really like it here, and want to stay put for a while!

At the moment, I also have a huge selection of flash I am doing at discounted rates, but you got to come in and have a look in return.

Enjoy the pictures from the convention, and get in touch to book in your tattoo.

- Alex

And a little photo from the new studio. Mega-tidy workstation for the win! ;)

A snake on my girlfriend Mathilde to start the weekend off!

Working on a dagger I made for the convention. .

Fun piece to do from my flash collection for the convention..

 And the finished product..

And the finished product..

A little hand coverup. Can you spot the roman numerals 

Get yo life little cat wizard! 

Moving premises!

After a steady stream of both new and old clients since starting Pigments in Fulton Street back in November 2015, it feels like a good time to move to a more high street location, and so become a bit more accessible..

We decided to ditch the 'Backstreet Tattoo and Art Studio', since we're more high street than back street now, so now it's simply Pigments Tattoo Studio. 

The new premises are just finished being renovated, so it's bright and clean; and we've even made some new friends in the process, working alongside the crew from Bold Street Piercing.

I am very excited to see your faces in our new studio, and get to work on some awesome tattoos for ya! ;)


- Alex


Experimenting with the GoPro...

Good guy Ryan over at helped me create a time lapse video. It captures about 6 hours in total out of an 8 hour session, and was pretty interesting to make. I think this is a pretty cool way to showcase tattooing, and hope to do many more in the future.

The video shows me tattooing Dee with an upper arm sleeve tattoo. Her dad was a sailor, and so she figured a nautical themed tattoo of some sort would be a good reminder of him. We decided on a mermaid, and after a few sketches and refining touches,m we landed on this design..

Dee sat like an absolute champion, for a full days work, with no complaints - great customer! 

I love this style of work, with bold colours and hints of geometry. Drop me a message if I can draw you a design up! 




- A.