Post Tattoo Jam hues..

 A pretty bad pun, admittedly, but I did get some new colours to play with at the convention. Mint and blood red. Beautiful! ;)

Tattoo Jam was excellent from start to finish. Was kept very busy through both Saturday and Sunday, but still had a little time to meet new and old friends, get a few new bits, and of course give the Spektra Edge K (tattoo machine) a proper test run. It's such a beauty.. Handles anything I throw at it without complaining. I'm a little bit in love.. :)

Since moving premises we've seen lots of new customers, which is great news. I really like it here, and want to stay put for a while!

At the moment, I also have a huge selection of flash I am doing at discounted rates, but you got to come in and have a look in return.

Enjoy the pictures from the convention, and get in touch to book in your tattoo.

- Alex

And a little photo from the new studio. Mega-tidy workstation for the win! ;)

A snake on my girlfriend Mathilde to start the weekend off!

Working on a dagger I made for the convention. .

Fun piece to do from my flash collection for the convention..

 And the finished product..

And the finished product..

A little hand coverup. Can you spot the roman numerals 

Get yo life little cat wizard!